The feed mill in Dobrich did not impress the EU

A Bulgarian-Chinese joint venture company built an animal feed mill in Dobrich. The company, Bulgaria Tianshinong Feed Co OOD, has decided to invest over EUR 10 million in the new mill. The investment was announced during Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s visit to China at the end of 2015. The joint venture received a class B investment certificate from the Dobrich Municipality.

Construction certificate awarded by Bulgaria’s Dobrich Municipality for the construction of a Chinese feed-mill. Source:

The plant exports to China about 90% of the 300,000 tons of the concentrated feed produced annually according to Chinese recipes.

The investors buy agricultural produce not only from the Dobrich region, which is the largest grain producer in the country, but also from the regions of Varna, Ruse, Silistra, Shumen.

The company is applying for European funding for the agricultural raw material processing measure under the Rural Development Operational Program. So far, though, no European funds have been granted to the company, despite the Chinese efforts.

A lookup in the Trade Register shows that Tianshinong Feed Co. Bulgaria is owned by Tianjin China & Europe Agro-Pastoral International Trade, Bulgaria’s Nadia Marinova and the Chinese national Jiang Jingyun. The capital of the limited liability company is BGN 5.8 million (EUR 3 million), 90% of the shares being owned by Tianjin China & Europe Agro-Pastoral International Trade.


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