Plahotniuc’s media operations get as far as Hong Kong

GMG Production is another company allegedly connected to the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. The company’s bank accounts (MDL 10,800,000 – USD 610,000) were frozen in June 2019 at the Moldavian Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office’s request following Plahotniuc’s decision to flee the country. GMG Production is part of the General Media Group Corp (officially founded by Plahotniuc) – a media group which controls several TV channels that were openly supporting Plahotniuc the politician when he was the most powerful power broker in the Republic of Moldova.

GMG Production is funded by Blue Sound Investments Limited, an off shore company based in Hong Kong and managed by the Moldavian national Sergiu Latiș. He also manages another business in Moldova, owned by OTIV Prime Media Ltd., a Dutch company also controlled by Plahotniuc.

A confident and relaxed Vladimir Plahotniuc when ruling Moldova. Source:

During the campaign for the parliamentary elections hold in February 2019, according to RISE Moldova, GMG Production dealt with the campaign videos for the Democrat Party, controlled by Vladimir Plahotniuc at that time.

According to the suspended Head of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Viorel Morari, GMG Production appears to be at the end of a scheme which involves a chain of companies based in Moldova, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.


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