Moldova & China: propaganda and off shore companies

In the Republic of Moldova, there are 86 active companies with Chinese capital. In 2018, the amount of Chinese investments was 6,76 million Moldovan lei (almost 350.000 euros). China is placed 6th in the ranking of Moldova’s trading partners, with a share of 7,31% of the total trading volume. The trend is upward – with 18,1% in 2018 compared to 2017.

Fields of activity: pharmaceutical industry, artificial intelligence and language technologies, heavy industry and production of industrial equipment, real estate, new energy sources, tourism.

The 2019 Moldova – China business forum was rather about words. Source:

The main Moldavian products exported to China: wine, beer, denatured ethyl alcohol, furniture fabrics, cereals.

For almost two years, Moldavia and China have been negotiating a free trade agreement.

In Chisinau there is a Moldovan-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and a Moldovan-Chinese Centre for Socio-Economic Cooperation.


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