Bankrupt millionaires

The businesses of the Bilateral Romania-Kyrgyzstan Chamber of Commerce president, Romanian-Ukrainian Bogdan Procopivnii, fell into ruin one by one. The first of them was Tehnoforest Impex SA, a company removed from the Registry of Commerce.

Bogdan Procopivnii owns shares in another company named Standard Metal SRL, where he partners with Moldovan Iurie Didenco and Ukrainian Oleksandr Matsko. The three business partners took interest in the metal industry. In 2008, they build a production hall in the city of Colanu, in the Dâmbovița county, known to be a traditional zone in the metallurgic sector.

The Standard Metal company focused on the manufacturing and selling of steel goods, welded pipes, galvanized and welded steel sheets and tapes. But it didn’t last long and became bankrupt. In the last three tax years, the company representatives didn’t file any accounting paperwork.

Moldovan millionaire

In the early 1990, the millionaire Iurie Didenco made his fortune in dealing fruits and wines. But be became a Moldovan celebrity after opening the luxurious club “Cocos Prive” in Chișinău. We find Didenco’s name in three Moldova registered companies: Întreprinderea Mixtă Standard Vin – Plus SRL, Societatea Standard Vin – S, Firma de Producție și Comerț Vulturul SRL. According to data on, Standard Vin – Plus set up the Societatea Acventina company.

Illegal grants

In 2015, the press reported that Didenco was illegally awarded three million Moldovan Lei worth of grants to purchase cherries sorting lines. According to, the experts from the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture found that Didenco’s Standard – Vin Plus SRL used the money without even owning a functional sorting line.

“The experts went there, took photographs of the equipment but, after a while, the sorting line disappeared and the money were already taken”, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Nicolae Olaru explained.

In response, Iurie Didenco admitted of having being awarded agriculture grants from the state. But he mentioned that the AIPA experts saw no functional sorting line during their visit because it was being repaired.

“Back then we had a cherries sorting line that had several faults, it couldn’t tell the color of the cherries. During the experts’ visit it was in the repair shop and it was later replaced with an apple sorting line”, Didenco said for