The milk millionaire put his man inside Tax Administration

The Moldovan millionaire Vladimir Jardan controls about 70% of the Moldovan milk market. He entered the Romanian market back in 2012, after buying the majority shares in Braşov based Prodlacta manufacturer. To run the Romanian company he appointed Serghei Pușcuța, former chief of the Moldovan Tax Administration and former economics adviser for communist president Vladimir Voronin.

In February of 2016, Pușcuța was once again appointed chief of the Moldovan Main State Tax Inspectorate, reclaiming his leadership of the company after eight years.

Jardan’s businesses

Vladimir Jardan entered the business world in 1991. It was then when he set up the Chişnău based Logos Grup company, dealing in editing and printing activities in Russia and Eastern Europe. After only four years, he started to buy shares in the main Moldovan milk manufacturing companies. After almost 13 years of his business debut, Jardan set up the JLC group, the parent company for several companies he took control of. Then he purchased Monolit, one of the biggest construction companies in Moldova.

In 2007, Jardan expanded his business to the German market. He purchased a flexography company in the German city of Erkelenz and named it JLC Print. He also set up JLC Germany, dealing in real estate and logistics. But acquisitions didn’t stop here. He expanded his business to the Kazakhstan markey, where he bought one of the biggest ice-cream manufacturers and the milk factory in the city of Taldy Kurgan.

He entered the Romanian market in 2012. Back then, the Prodlacta milk factory was insolvent and struggled financially. The JLC Group took over debts worth of 120 million Lei and loaned Prodlacta 64 million Lei. Both debts and loan were converted into shares. Meaning about 60% of the total shares. According to data from the Registry of Commerce, Prodlacta is owned by JLC SA – Moldova (28,6%), JLC Germany (31,14%) and the Romanian state by means of AVAS AVAS (4,44%). The remaining shares are owned by several natural and legal persons.

Voronin’s advisor

Vladimr Jardan appointed Serghei Pușcuța general director of Prodlacta and member of the board. He held the position until February of 2016, when he was appointed chief of the Moldovan Tax Administration. Before that, Pușcuța held various public offices in Chişinău. In 1998, he was the chief of the Local Tax and Duties Department in the Moldovan Tax Administration. A year later, the communist president Vladimir Voronin appointed him economics presidential adviser. Further on, he was appointed Tax Administration deputy, an office he held for four years. Later he even ran the Tax Administration, from 2005 to 2008.

He renounced the chief of Tax Administration office and resumed his advising duties for president Vladimir Voronin. At the same time, he took over the director’s office in the Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption.