The Russian Castle

The domain from Bușteni belonging to Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino (The Nabob) fell into the hands of a group of Russians and German businessmen, in-laws of Senator Emanoil Savin, former mayor of Bușteni and godson of Liviu Dragnea, current president of PSD.

The Cantacuzino Castle was built in 1911 at the wish of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, according to the plans of architect Grigore Cerchez, at the bottom of Mount Zamora in Bușteni. In 1948 the communist regime confiscated all the prince’s possessions. After the Revolution of 1989, one of the Prince’s heirs, Ioana Elisabeta Cantacuzino managed to claim some of the former properties, including the castle in Bușteni. Subsequently, the heiress sold the castle for 800,000 euros. The press from Prahova county reported that one of the buyers would have been Lucian Coltea, Adrian Tarău’s uncle, himself the son of Aurel Tarău, former prefect of Bihor. Adrian Tărău became famous through his political ambitions related to PSD, suddenly suppressed by his unexpected arrest while his father was a prefect. Tărău was arrested on April 20th 2001, by the controversial prosecutor Alexandru Lele, and accused of complicity in black market.

The Russian-German Acquisition

The Castle of Busteni became the property of Zamora Estate, supported by six Russian-German-Romanian partners: Vitaly Martyanov, Margarita Mamsirova, Kurt Albert Neuschitzer, Andrej Oreschenko, Ulli Schumacher and Cornel Chirieac. Businessman Kurt Neuschitzer is married to Russian Margarita Mamsirova, a reknown mezzo-soprano from Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. She is also the manager of the Cantacuzino Castle.

The son of the couple Neuschitzer – Mamsirova, Andrei David Giugasvili married Mădălina Savin, the daughter of Emanoil Savin, former mayor of Bușteni and a current PSD Senator. At the wedding of Savin’s daughter were invited several disputed politicians and businessmen: Roberta Anastase, Florin Anghel, Cristian Burlacu, Dan Voiculescu, Liviu Dragnea, Mircea Cosma, businessman Ioan Nicolae, Dan Matei Agathon and Rudel Obreja.

Like most politicians do, Savin combined politics and business. Savin changed several parties out of self-interest. He belonged to PC, then to PSD. He transferred to PDL when the party came to power. Subsequently he returned to PSD. Besides politician he was also a real estate businessman.

The Conflict of Interest

The National Integrity Agency declared Emanoil Savin incompatible with the function of mayor of Bușteni. “Emanoil Savin has violated the legal status regarding the administrative and criminal conflict of interest, since he signed, as a mayor, an agreement between the Romanian Alpine Club, the townhall of Bușteni and the Romanian Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing (in the matter of organizing the World Cup of Ice Climbing between 4th and 6th of February 2011 in Bușteni), on which the accommodation and food services (for planners and local referees) – the liability of the townhall – were provided by the company in which the evaluated person acted as associate, and his wife as administrator”, is mentioned in a press release of ANI.

But that didn’t prevent him from receiving eligible seat in the Senate from Liviu Dragnea. In 2011, Liviu Dragnea and Bombonica Prodana were witnesses at the silver wedding anniversary of the former mayor of Bușteni.