Putin’s follower PCR chief, doing business in Romania

A communist and a follower of Putin, Ruslan Popa is also a businessman who headquartered his businesses in Romania. Ten of millions of Euros worth of businesses. His affairs grant him access to the personal data of millions of Romanians, by means of automated payment terminals. His devices are used by public institutions and big private owned Romanian companies. Popa’s main company, now insolvent, is surrounded by other companies owned by Moldovans and sharing the same line of work.

Eastern terminals, Western companies

The Moldovan Ruslan Popa was one of the founding fathers of the Rompay Solutions SRL company. The firm was set up in 2009 and dealt with the supplying of payment terminals that made the payment of invoices issued by Romanian service providers possible. That year, several Romanian companies renounced cash registers and entered the famous payment terminals. Rompay dealt with the collection of money by means of terminals placed on various locations. It received a fee from the companies that used the service.

Among the clients were energy and telephone companies, banks and hypermarkets. The Moldovan politician withdrew the business but was replaced by the Moldovans were Sergiu Druță and Serghei Toma. During 2011-2015, the company had a turnover of about 87 million Lei (19 million Euros). But the firm became insolvent, with debts of 11 million Lei. According to the creditors’ list, Enel Energie Muntenia is to collect 3.5 million Lei in debts, Enel Energie SA another 2.2 million Lei, Vodafone România 937,477 lei, Orange România about 100.000 Euros, Telekom 100.000 Euros. It is not Ruslan’s only business in Romania. His name is also linked to the Terminal Pay Services company, whose registered office is on the London Street in Bucharest. He partnered up his two associates from Rompay, but also with a certain Russian Andrei Tikhonov. Sergiu Druță and Serghei Toma own another five companies in Romania. One of them is Abipay SRL, that is to collect a 362,000 Lei debt from Rompay.

Ruslan Popa, PCR chief

The symbol of the Ruslan controlled Reformatory Communist Party of Moldova is the Russian hammer, together with a wheat stalk, both placed on a red background. It seems to be a cheap imitation of the famous “hammer and sickle” communist symbol. The election slogan is “against all that ruled the country”. The slogan granted the party a 4,9 percent in the Moldovan parliamentary elections. Not enough for the party to enter the Parliament. Ruslan want to rid the country of the anti-Russian hysteria and he criticizes the pro-Europeans. In an open letter sent to Vladimir Putin, Ruslan Popa asks for support in order to “stop the anti-Russian hysteria in Moldova” and “to keep good relationships between the two brotherly countries”. “The current Moldovan government is totally our mistake, the mistake of the people of Moldova. Four years ago we trusted the politicians’ promises that they will do all in their power to insure the prosperity of the country against their own interests. We entrusted unworthy people with the power and nowadays we sadly watch the ruining of everything that was created over centuries: the economy, the infrastructure, the rule of law. But rest assured, (…) we will correct the mistake,” Popa wrote to Vladimir Putin in his letter.