Nuclearelectrica, automated by Drezyulya

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Isystems Automation SRL is yet another company controlled by the Russians and doing business with highly sensitive Romanian institutions. The company is owned by the Russian Dmitry Drezyulya and the Ploiești born Daniela Drezyulya, Russian Dmitry’s wife. The company was set up in 2007, was headquartered in Ploiești and works especially for the Russians from Lukoil Energy and Gas SRL. Before going into business, Daniela was employed as a cohesion inspector by Petrotel-Lukoil. The company website tells us that Nuclearelectrica is one of the Drezyulya family clients, a state owned company managing the Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant. In the 2016 fiscal year, Isystems had a 760.000 Lei worth of a turnover and a 152.058 Lei profit. The tax records showed a government debt worth of 7.294 Lei due to unpaid taxes and duties within the legal deadline. The Drezyulya family set up another company in Romania, Lannad Systems, active in “the non-specialized wholesale trade”. The data reports at the Ministry of Finance show that the company did not carried out any economic activity.