MAE insured its car park with (Lukoil) Asito

Romanian diplomats’ cars worldwide are insured by Asito Kapital partnering up with Fast Brokers. The first one is a company owned by Moldovan Moldasig, a company controlled by an off shore group of firms. The Moldovan authorities forced shareholders to sell their shares and suspended their voting rights in the management boards, on grounds of concerted actions. The decision was challenged by the shareholders that view it as illegal. The insurance company Lukoil Asito was set up in 1998 under the umbrella of parent company Lukoil. The main goal was the insurance of assets and businesses run by the Russian giant in Romania. Later, the company changed its name in Asito Kapital and was taken over by Moldovan Moldasig. The main clients of Asito Kapital are the Lukoil group of firms, Mechel, Rompetrol or Uniferstrans. But it also insures the car park owned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs run by Teodor Meleșcanu. According to public documents, the insurance includes 685 motor vehicles, 644 of them belonging to Romania’s diplomatic representations abroad. The validity of the insurance expires in June 2019. Basically, the contract has given Asito Kapital access over the data base containing cars used by Romanian diplomats.