Iavorski, Abramovich’s man

Politics and business. Employed by Russian oligarchs. Hundreds of millions of Euros in contracts from the Romanian government and the highest level of protection. Dropped files and no charge. This is how the quarter of a century political career of Moldavian Constantin Iavorski, former Energy Minister in Republic of Moldova, looks like in short. Following contracts with the Romanian government, he managed to make a fortune of almost 40 million Euros.

The port of Constanţa, gate for Gazprom

Iavorski’s businesses take place on the Russia-Moldova-Romania axis. He owned over 21 companies, most of them deregistred from the Registry of Commerce. Only five are still active. At the beginning, he imported Russian fuel oil that he then sold mainly to Termoelectrica. The contracts were carried on through the Unicom Holding SA company, controlled by Iavorski. Iavorski made room for the Russians from Gazprom in the Port of Constanţa. In 2013, he sold the Marine Bunker Balkan S.A. company to the Russians from Gazpromneft Marine Bunker, a company controlled by the Russian giant Gazprom. In 2015, Iavorski’s company was involved in the tax evasion file involving the Russians from Lukoil România. Back then, the Ploieşti prosecutors noticed that the Russians from Lukoil have created a network of companies that helped them to fictitiously export millions of tons of petroleum products to partners in Holland, Great Britain and Moldova. Unicom Holding SA was investigated for tax evasion and aiding and abetting to money laundry, but the accusations were dropped.

Wide track gauge businesses

Constantin Iavorski worked for Swiss based Runicon SA, a company controlled by the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, owner of the football team Chelsea London. Runicon was involved in a scandal about the embezzlement of 17.5 million Euros belonging to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, while Abramovich is on the black list of Russian oligarchs issued by the United States. One of the companies in Iavorski’s group of companies is Unicom Tranzit. According to the data published on the company’s website, its main clients are Arcelor Mittal, Tenarsis Silcotub, the Russians at Mechel and Carpatcement. The company’s website also tells us that it owns 54 locomotives and 1,200 freight cars for solid and liquid goods, five terminal stations and a repair shop. The Romanian Railway Group (GFR), together with Unicom Tranzit, won a public auction for coal transportation organized by the Oltenia Energy Complex. In a criminal case following this contract, Gruia Stoica, the owner of GFR, was, in February 2016, irrevocably sentenced to a suspended sentence of two and a half years in prison.

Money for PDL and PSD

Constantin Iavorski got himself involved in Romanian politics. With money. According to the data published in 2008 in the Official Gazette, Unicom Tranzit made a contribution of 100.000 Lei to the budget of the Democrat Liberal Party, back then in office. The money was delivered before the parliamentary elections. Previously, Iavorski financially backed the Opposition. In the brink of local elections, Iavorski’s companies made a contribution of 20.000 Lei to the piggy bank of the Social Democrat Party.