Bogdan Chirieac and the Ukrainian businesswoman

Former journalist Bogdan Chirieac had some “special” businesses with the Special Telecommunications Department and the Army. Through directly and indirectly controlled companies he was awarded public contracts worth tens of millions Euros. Then he withdrew, at least officially. He was an associate in the 3A Unic Business, a company taken over by a young Ukrainian woman, Natalya Shyroka, born in Russia. The company’s debts are worth over 6.4 million Lei and its losses reach over 94,000 Lei. But Bogdan Chirieac doesn’t remember much. “I was a silent partner in the company. It never solely belonged to me. I was with a friend. During that real estate boom, we tried to buy some buildings. We bought an apartment. I don’t know how she (Natalya Shyroka) entered the company. She didn’t take anything over from me. Definitely not! But why the interest in a private company?” Chirieac said. He was also involved in the Center for Radio Communication Services, granted some 378 government contracts. Their value is an estimated 125 million Euros. There were no less than 58 public institutions signing agreements with the company. Among them, the Ministry of Defense and STS. The Center for Radio Communication Services SRL was under Bogdan Chirieac’s control until early 2007. When he renounced his position in the company it was taken over by his mother and Elvira Gheorghiu. A year later, the two women divested the company to Swiss Technology Financing SA, registered in Switzerland. Later, the company entered the possession of Călin Ștefan Cătălin Radu, Bogdan Chirieac’s business partner.