Mayor Daniela Popa, involved in cleaning businesses

One of the companies belonging to the head of the District 1 UNPR organization, Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea, got a 520.000 lei contract for cleaning services at the Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia Clinical Psychiatric Hospital. District 1 Deputy Mayor, Daniela Popa, appears as the contact person, although officially she has no connection to the cleaning company which was awarded the cleaning contract.

Daniela Popa

In April 2016, the Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia Clinical Psychiatric Hospital posted a tender for a framework agreement for cleaning services. Although the market has many companies specialized in cleaning services, only two companies participated to the tender. After the analysis of the files, one of the companies was eliminated. The only player left was Hera Cleaning Bucharest, which was awarded the contract worth 519.140 lei.

However, this is not the first contract between Hera Cleaning and the Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia Clinical Psychiatric Hospital. The first contract, worth 184.000 lei, was signed in 2010, for cleaning services in the offices of the hospital. Until 2015, the company was awarded another seven contracts, totaling approximately 425.000 euro.

According to an article published by România Liberă, until May 2008, Hera Cleaning was called Damian Servicii SRL and was owned by George Damian. He, however, assigned his shares of Damian Servicii SRL to Luiza Chitaru and Ioana Goncea, and they changed the company’s name to Hera Cleaning SRL. After 2008, Luiza Chitaru and Ioana Goncea left the company and gave it to their parents: Florica Chitaru, respectively Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea.

From the contract assignment announcement we found the names of the persons mandated by the company for this contract: Marcela Popa and Daniela Popa. Also, it lists a mobile phone number, answered by Daniela Popa.

Daniela Popa was elected Deputy Mayor for District 1 on June 29th 2016, but her statements of assets and interests make no mention of an official connection to Hera Cleaning Bucharest.

We called the mobile phone number listed in the contract assignement announcement and Daniela Popa answered. Initially, she said that we were mistaking her for someone else. „I’s sorry, I believe you’re mistaking me for someone else”. After telling her that her information is listed in the tender announcement, Deputy Mayor Daniela Popa told us that she would have to verify that. Subsequently, she didn’t answer the phone anymore.

Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea: „All papers depict me as Romania’s main handicap”

In contrast, Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea declared „what do you want from me? Isn’t it enough that you tried to make me a replacement for Hexi Pharma? Are you trying to cover them with me? Get lost”.

Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea

Subsequently, Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea called back: „My friend, what’s your name, so that I might know who I’m speaking to. Well, my friend, there was another one three months ago asking me the same thing, from TV, who told all newspapers that I’m Romania’s main handicap. That I tried to waste everyone in Romania. You should leave me alone. You can leave me alone, I’m sick of all of you. Please, leave me alone! Seek me out, you know where I am, come, do what you want, denounce me, but stop calling. You and others from your world”.

But, in order to understand how Daniela Popa got to be a Deputy Mayor and her connections to cu Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea, we’ll go back to the June 2016 local elections.

Goncea’s employees got to be aldermen

For the June 2016 local elections, a PSD + UNPR alliance was formed, the two parties having common candidate lists. On the alliance lists Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea, as head of the UNRP District 1 organization, ran for an alderman position. But he wasn’t alone. He also got his employees, George Damian and Daniela Popa, who are also his subordinates in the party, on the list. After being elected aldermen, Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea insisted on promoting Daniela Popa to District 1 Deputy Mayor.

According to Gheorghiță Liviu Goncea’s statement of interests, he is an associate in MIT Motors International, KIA Rom Auto, Isuzu RomAuto, Hera Cleaning, Baltic Marine Grup and Pandora Turism Rural. Also, he declared that he is an administrator for Hera Cleaning, Baltic Marine Grup, Pandora Turism Rural and MIT Motors.

In her statement of interests, Deputy Mayor Daniela Popa mentioned that she is the secretary general of District 1 UNPR. Also, in her statement of assets, she declared that she is a project manager for Pensiunea Nuferilor in Ilfov, and that she had wages from Pandora Turism Rural SRL. In this company, Goncea accessed European funds of 300.000 lei to build the guesthouse in Snagov.

The other alderman, George Damian the vice-president District 1 UNPR, but also sales and marketing manager at KIA Motors, another company where Goncea is an associate.