CSM propune apariția gardianului “științific” în închisori

In the scandal of the so-called “scientific papers” written by convicts in prisons, the Superior Council of Magistracy has a unique proposal: appointing a “scientific” supervisor for prisons.

The role of this supervisor would be making sure that the convicted person elaborating a “scientific paper” actually makes their own intellectual efforts, consults the biography they claim to use for elaborating the paper, and in the case of typewriting, that he actually has the necessary knowledge.

The Ministry of Justice versus the Superior Council of Magistracy

In the matter of reduced sentences for imprisoned convicts who elaborate and publish “scientific papers”, the CSM is in opposition with the Minister of Justice, Raluca Prună. Thus, while Minister Prună announced that she would take steps to revoke the legislative provision concerning to the reduction of sentences for intellectual work, thee Superior Council of Magistracy claims that the provision should stand, buy be enforced more strictly.

But how does the CSM think to enforce this provision? The Council issued a set of implementing rules for this provision, ever since last fall. The set of rules was also sent as recommendation to the Ministry of Justice.

The novelty introduced by the CSM: the supervisor appointed for scientific papers

According to an answer received from the CSM to the request of the RCIJ, an essential norm for the appropriate conduct of the activities for the elaboration of “scientific papers” in prison is the appointment of a supervisor dedicated to these activities. Here’s what the Superior Council of Magistracy proposes: “the committee (for the selection and distribution of labor – ed.) appoints a person who will be charged with supervising the imprisoned convict while they write their scientific paper, in order to record their daily activities.”

Therefore, the CSM requests the establishment of a “scientific” warden. But what should this “scientific” warden actually do?

The supervisor should have knowledge of typewriting

First, the “scientific” warden will have to check if the convict knows how to type: “If the convict will personally type his paper, his typewriting knowledge will be verified.”

Basically, in the CSM’s view, the “scientific” warden will give a test to the convict who got approval for elaborating a “scientific paper”, which he’ll typewrite. It’s, therefore, clear, that the “scientific” warden will need to have typewriting skills.

The supervisor keeps record of bibliographic sources

Second, the “scientific” warden also has a role in verifying the bibliographic sources: “if the convict, in the process of elaborating the scientific paper, allocates time to consulting bibliographic materials and documentation from various sources, this thing will need to be noted, eventually through a protocol, by the person charged with supervision.”

Thus, the convict’s “scientific” warden should also play the part of the assistant to the “scientist” and, “eventually though a protocol”, to record the bibliographic sources consulted by the convict. As the bibliographic sources consulted have to be relevant to the subject of the “scientific paper”, we can conclude that the “scientific” warden has to be competent in that field, to be able to assess the value of the bibliographic sources.

The pages of the paper should be counted and photographed daily

Third, the “scientific” warden should count every day the pages written by the convict: “the person in charge of supervision keeps daily record of the pages written by the convict (in this sense, he will make photo copies of the materials written by the convict at the end of a work day or will print out the material if the paper is electronically written).”

Through this last task, the “scientific” warden will put at the prison’s disposal a copy of the “scientific paper” before its publishing, so that the warden’s copy can be compared to the published form. For this work task, the “scientific” warden doesn’t need any special skills.

CSM doesn’t state the skills the “scientific” warden should have

However, what the CSM fails to stipulate in their set of recommendations for supervising the convicted “scientists” is if the prisons need to employ specialized personnel for the position of “scientific” warden and what should be the qualifications for these supervisors. The Superior Council of Magistracy doesn’t say if one “scientific” warden may simultaneously supervise several convicts or if each such supervisor should handle only one convict elaborating “scientific papers “.

All CSM proposals can be consulted in the attached document.