On Christmas Eve, Romtehnica bought weapons worth 10 million euro

Whether or not a coincidence, after Prime Minister Cioloș’s visit to Angela Merkel, Romania bought German-made weapons.

Only a few days after Prime Minister Dacian Julien Cioloș’s visit in Germany for presenting his governance program to Chancellor Angela Merkel, Compania Națională Romtehnica announced the signing of two contracts worth 92.7 million euro, respectively 17.9 million euro for the acquisition of portable antitank missile systems and “antitank systems”. Both contracts were awarded by direct negotiation to EuroSpike GmbH from Germany.

On January 11th, Compania Națională Romtehnica announced signing the award of a contract to Eurospike GmbH, contract worth 17.910.000 euro, for the acquisition of “antitank systems”, antitank guided missiles. The contract was awarded by direct negotiation because the products can only be supplied by a certain bidder, for technical reasons. The interesting thing is that the contract was awarded on Christmas Eve, on December 24th 2015.

Still on Christmas Eve, Romtehnica awarded EuroSpike Gmbh another contract, worth 92.719.500 euro, for supplying “portable antitank missile systems”. The contract was also awarded by direct negotiation, because “the works, products and services can only be supplied by a certain bidder, for technical reasons”. Just like the first agreement, the papers were signed on January 11th.

EuroSpike GmbH is a joint venture composed of Diehl BGT Defence GmbH & Co.Kg, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH, both German companies, and Israeli-based Rafael Advanced Defense System Ltd.