Dacian Cioloș, the GMO Prime minister

Dacian Cioloș appears in Wikileaks as a Minister of Agriculture favorable to genetically modified organisms. GMO consumption is very controversial for the health. During Cioloș’s term, the cultivation of transgenic maize simply exploded. Michel Barnier, Cioloș’s term French mentor and former minister of agriculture is also a GMO partisan. The two former ministers and European commissioners are colleagues in the management of an influent European foundation, sponsored by corporate companies.

Wikileaks presents Cioloș as a technocrat with tight ties to France and who promotes agricultural biotechnology. That means that Cioloș supports genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are criticized for damaging human health, particularly affecting the kidneys and the liver. ”Sources from the industry told us that Cioloș favors reauthorizing genetically modified soya imports and cultivation. Genetically modified soya has been an important source of nutrition for animals in Romania, and Cioloș would like to go back to it in order to decrease food prices”, Wikileaks telegrams show.

USA embassy reports show that Cioloș would have wanted to make barter with Minister of the Environment Attila Korodi, an absolute opposer of GMOs: If he didn’t oppose the cultivation of genetically modified soybean, Cioloș would support a ban on MON 810. This is a controversial variety of genetically modified maize, the only one grown in the EU, profitable because it’s cheap to produce and pest resistant. Monsanto, the agrochemical giant, is the creator of MON 810. The American multinational which invented the GMOs, produces about 90% of them and is famous for the Agent Orange (chemical product used during the war in Vietnam), aspartame or bovine growth hormone.

Dacian Cioloș was the Minister of Agriculture in October 2007 – December 2008. During his term of office, the area planted with genetically modified maize increased dramatically, 20 times more (see the Information Center chart on GMOs). After Cioloș left the ministry, the following year (2009), MON 810 crops halved, from 6130 ha to 3240 ha.

USA embassy reports emphasize the Americans’ concern toward the GMOs opposers in Romania. ”The State Department considers Romania a priority for agricultural biotechnology and, if approved, we will begin an intense program of conferences in the urban and rural areas and a media campaign for raising the notoriety of the advantages of agricultural biotechnology”, mentions the Wikileaks document.

Where did Dacian Cioloș get this preference for the controversial genetically modified crops? The explanation comes from his mentor and supporter, Michel Barnier, former Minister of Agriculture and twice the French commissioner to the European Commission. Wikileaks sends us to Cioloș’s connections. ”He is a former French government scholar; he has a PhD in agricultural economics at the University of Montpellier and is a former employee of a French Farmers Federation. He met French Minister of the Agriculture, Michel Barnier, during this time, and they stayed in close connection. Barnier paid Cioloș an official visit and they both pledged to cooperate closely on issues related to agriculture”.

Barnier, contrary to the strong anti-GMOs trend in France, supported the growth of genetically modified organisms through various stratagems. He announced in 2008 the authorization of GMO crops for scientific purposes, under the pretext that there is a risk for only one company to monopolize the market. ”We are speaking of an American company, Monsanto. I really don’t want this company to be the only one in the world, in the next 30 years, to produce GMO grains and direct all the crops in the world”, stated Barnier in an interview given to RMC Info radio station.

Europe’s friend, with a corporation budget

We can also find Dacian Cioloș next to his mentor, Michel Barnier in the Board of Directors of Friends of Europe. This group of elite thinkers is very influential in Europe. Cioloș is not the only Romanian “friend of Europe”; he is joined by Daniel Dăianu, member of the National Bank of Romania Board of Directors and Sorin Ducaru, former assistant to the Secretary General of NATO. The interesting thing is that Dacian Cioloș is part of the management team of a non-profit organization sponsored by multinational companies. In 2014, the Friends of Europe budget exceeded 2.5 million euro, a third of this amount being provided from the corporate sector.

Another noteworthy thing is the fact that the president Friends of Europe, Belgian Viscount Etienne Davignon, presided for more than a decade over the Bilderberg group. Now, he stayed on as a member of the Board of Directors. Bilderberg is an understated, exclusive and extremely powerful organization, founded by Rockefeller magnates and Rotschild bankers. Bilderberg promotes globalization and considers national sovereignty obsolete.