Dacianei Sârbu’s confectionery in downtown Bucharest operates illegally, without permit

The “Mara Mura” confectionery shop just opened, a few weeks ago, at number 5, Benjamin Franklin Street, ground floor level. It is owned by D&C Sweets SRL, company for which Daciana Sârbu holds 50% of the shares. The District 1 City Hall, however, never issued an operating license for “Mara Mura”.

District 1 City Hall: “Mara Mura” operates illegally, as we never issued an operating license

The press office of the District 1 City Hall informed us by telephone, at the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism’s request, the same day when Victor Ponta resigned, that “Mara Mura” operates illegally, as they did not get an operating license. „The representatives have filed documents for the authorization file of the work point located in number 5, Benjamin Franklin street, but the file is still under consideration with the District 1 City Hall inspectors, so the operating license hasn’t been issued. Basically, the company operates illegally; we’ll send an inspector to check the place and, most likely, the company will be fined”, representatives of the press office of the District 1 City Hall communicated to the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism.

Daciana Sârbu owns 50% of “Mara Mura”

D&C Sweets SRL was established in a 2014 by Daciana Sârbu and Cristina Voicu, each of them owning 50% of the company’s shares. Daciana Sârbu invested, right after the company’s establishment (according to husband Victor Ponta’s statement of assets): 65.625 lei in 2014 and 83.000 lei this year. So, we are talking about a 150.000 de lei investment.

Daciana Sârbu’s loans

The investment was necessary for Daciana Sârbu’s company to open a confectionery shop in downtown Bucharest, nearby the Athenaeum, at number 5, Benjamin Franklin Street. Moreover, on June 30th, associates Daciana Sârbu and Cristina Voicu decided to add a new scope of activity to the company: „Bars and other beverage serving activities “, needed for opening the place in downtown Bucharest.

Adding the ”bars and other beverage serving activities” scope of activity

Daciana Sârbu’s associate: no comment

Currently, the “Mara Mura” confectionery already operates for several weeks, manufacturing and selling sweets. The activity of the confectionery is described on their own website (maramura.ro). Cristina Voicu, Daciana Sârbu’s associate in D&C Sweets SRL, declared the following for the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism: “I have no comments at this time “. District 1 City Hall spokesperson, Alexandru Ichim, was unable to tell us what will happen next Daciana Sârbu’s confectionery shop. “We are still waiting for an answer from the District 1 Local Police (to which the District 1 City Hall Inspectors Office is subordinated – Ed.)”, declared Ichim. Yesterday, District 1 Local Police inspectors visited “Mara Mura”, but didn’t find the D & C Sweets SRL administrator there, so Cristina Voicu was invited at the offices of the Local Police to give clarifications on opening the confectionery shop without an operating permit.

Prime Minister Ponta wanted strict inspections of the operating licenses

On October 31st, one day after the tragedy occurred in club “Colectiv”, Victor Ponta (acting Prime Minister at the time) gave clear instructions to inspect all establishments throughout the country. “Next week, come up quickly with an inspection plan for the entire country, because I believe that this is not an isolated case, I believe that there are many such establishments, bars, which, upon inspection… Ok I know the City Halls authorize them, but I want you to inspect them, because in case of need, we’re the ones to intervene, and not the City Halls and I want the Ministry of Interior Affairs to come up next week with the exact plan with each such place where people meet and where there are such situations”, said the Prime Minister during a Government’s extraordinary meeting.