Club “Colectiv” was functioning illegally since 2013

The club “Colectiv” was inaugurated on September 14th 2013 on which occasion Wankelmut (Berlin, Germany) OK Corral (Bucharest), Charlie Boy Rabbit King (Bucharest) and Amon (Bucharest) performed on stage.

Since then and until January 14th 2015 when they obtained the operating permit from District 4 City Hall, “Colectiv” Club organized tens of concerts, events and a New Year`s Eve Party.

In September 14th 2014 and September 13th 2015, the club actually celebrated one, respectively two years since the inauguration. (All information regarding these subjects can be found on the club`s site and facebook page).

As a reminder, we need to point out that the company through which the club functioned, “Colectiv Club SRL”, was established on October 6th 2014, the lease with “Pionierul SA” (for the warehouse on Tăbăcăriei Street, number 7) was signed on September 30th and the operating permit was issued by Piedone (the Mayor of District 4 City Hall) on January 14th 2015. A little bit chaotic, don`t you think? No document or activity respects a normal chronology or logic.

During this time, tens of artists and thousands of people entered this club in good faith not knowing that they would risk their lives, while the owners of the club sold entry tickets and drinks at the bar undisturbed.

Meanwhile, the Romanian Authorities particularly City Hall and the IES (Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) had other things on their minds than to check the club. This happened, after they visited the place a year ago, after a powerful fire broke forth in a carpet warehouse within the premises of “Pionierul SA”.

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