Military Judges being disciplinary investigated

The Judicial Inspection triggered a disciplinary investigation in the Military Court of Appeal, after discovering that some existing actions affect the independence of certain judges.

This new action of the judicial inspectors aims at the direct entrustment of some files and the failure to comply with the judges’ obligation to abstain. The previous investigation revealed that the magistrate Cezarian Buga had a file assigned by eluding the random system. The file was targeting the army’s chief spy, gen. Marian Hapau.

The two magistrates with the rank of general allowed to judge files concerning MApN (Ministry of National Defense), MAI (Ministry of Internal Affairs), SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) or SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) generals are Cezarian Buga and Gheorghe Manea. They were both asked to provide new statements within the procedure opened by the Judicial Inspection. The disciplinary investigation establishes the acts and the consequences of these acts, the circumstances in which they were committed, and other conclusive data concerning the guilt or innocence of the concerned parties. After the disciplinary procedures were triggered and the CRJI (Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism) published a number of articles on this issue, judge Buga draw a request, with the Directorate for Military Courts, for his pension to be calculated, in the event of his passage in reserve.