The Chamber of Deputies vote by offshore
Elena Stan

A controversial company will provide the IT equipment for the Chamber of Deputies. Avitech Voluntari will provide an integrated system for conference, electronic voting, sound, simultaneous translation, audio, video and data communication. The contract is worth 1.9 million lei, VAT excluded.

Avitech provides IT equipment and has three associates, off-shore companies from Cyprus Avitech Overseas Co LTD (60%), Eaglelink Corporation Limited (14.96%) and Zonix Investments Limited (25.04%). The three companies are registered in Nicosia, Cyprus, at the same address. Avitech is a regular for state contracts, alone or in partnership with other companies, but is also involved in financial scandals. In February 2015, the DNA searched the company’s registered office in Voluntari, at the same time with the search performed at 2K Telekom, a company owned by Alexandru Ghiță, Sebastian Ghiță’s brother, a Member of Parliament. 2 K Telecom is investigated in a corruption case for acts committed in 2013 in connection with the tender held by the Ministry of Education for the project “Internet in your school”, which received 120 million lei in European funds.

Avitech got some more European money in August 2015, for the contract awarded by the Romanian Border Police for IT equipment for border security between Romanian and Bulgaria. In 2008, the same Avitech contracts directly from the Slatina Local Council, at Mayor Darius Vâlcov initiative, the works for the modernization of the Alutus Slatina cinema. Vâlcov was subsequently appointed Minister of Finances and now is under investigation by the DNA.

The controversial success of the company is owed to its administrator Anton Roescu, an unheard name in business. He also represents the equally discrete president of Avitech Overseas, Israeli national Silvio Vitenstein. He is the founder of XOR IT Systems, the company which won in 2012 the tender for the software used in the validation of the referendum for the dismissal of President Băsescu. In an interview given in March 2015, Deputy Mircea Cazan revealed that the man behind Vitenstein is the same Sebastian Ghiță, whose brother owns 2 K Telekom, the company investigated together with Avitech.