The RAJA - Chongqing Kangda unfruitful love affair

RAJA SA provides water supply in Constanța. The dream of the company in Constanța seems to have been the twinning with China. This dream began to take shape in 2007 when a delegation from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Bucharest stepped on their doorstep. That was when the first promises of cooperation between RAJA and the Chinese were made.

Nine years later, a delegation led by the chairman of the Chinese company Chongqing Kangda Environmental Protection Industry Group Co. Ltd paid another visit to RAJA SA and they signed a cooperation agreement on environmental protection and the development of an industrial park in Constanța County. The Constanța County Council also participated in the signing of the agreement, boasting that it aroused the interest of Chinese guests to invest in other projects: restoration of irrigation systems, implementation of an integrated waste system, creation of solid waste recycling centres, implementation of an integrated system for the neutralisation of household animal waste. In addition to these investment projects, both the Chinese and Romanian parties also discussed a about a tourist port development project in Costineşti, as well as a modernization project of the Midia port and its transformation into a terminal for fishing vessels.

To see who they were dealing with, the Chinese partners invited a delegation of representatives from Constanţa County Council and S.C. RAJA SA Constanța to visit Kangda company. So, at the beginning of 2017, the representatives of Constanța County Council and RAJA SA paid a visit to China, at the headquarters of Chongqoing Kangda Environmental International Company Ltd. According to the Constanța County Council, they even met with representatives of the Development Bank of China to discuss the possibilities of financing the projects to be developed by Kangda in Constanța County.

The meeting ended with the commitment of the Chinese company to promote the projects discussed, its role being to provide technology, financing and management. And a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Chongqoing Kangda Environmental International Company Ltd. and S.C. RAJA SA Constanța, by which it was agreed to collaborate with priority in the following areas: sludge treatment at wastewater treatment plants in industrial parks for solid waste processing, neutralisation and recovery (treatment of solid waste in urban and rural areas); unconventional energy recovery (photovoltaic, heat pumps, etc.); promoting advanced environmental protection techniques (including drinking water, wastewater, wastewater treatment techniques); recovery of treated water through irrigation systems.

Felix Stroe, RAJA’s manager, really tried to have a partnership with Kangda. Source: Facebook/PSD Constanta

No details about the status of these projects have been offered since then, not even RAJA SA could (or would) provide them to us.

Chongqing Kangda Environmental Protection Industry Group Co. Ltd. provides infrastructure construction services, especially water-related infrastructure projects, but also provides wastewater treatment services and environmental treatment solutions.


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