The imaginary sunflower oil plant in Burgas

Nantong Sumu Biological Technology in Burgas started the construction of a plant (in the Economic Zone of the city) worth EUR 7 million in 2015, for the production of sunflower oil.

A memorandum of cooperation has been signed between the Chinese company and the National Company “Industrial Zones”, which operates the Zone in Burgas, the Bulgarian city with the largest port at the Black Sea.

According to Nantong Sumu Biological Technology owner Chin Wei, the plant will employ about 120 workers. Chiang Wei has lived in Bulgaria and Romania.

The plant will have a daily production of 500 tons and will operate on a 24-hour basis – production is supported by three shifts, with a total of 4 teams of 7 people.

The investment memorandum was signed during the “Invest in Bulgaria. Expand in Europe” Investment Forum in Shanghai.

The investment forum “Invest in Bulgaria. Expand in Europe” in Shanghai, organized by the Invest Bulgaria Agency in 2015. Source:

The signing took place in the presence of the then Minister of Economy, Bozidar Lukarski. In 2015, the owner of the Chinese company, Chin Wei, promised the plant would operate in Bulgaria for up to two years. The plans are to hire about 120 workers.

Despite the memorandum being signed five years ago, there is still no information on this investment, no official or informal data and certainly no joint venture has been set up, according to the Bulgarian Trade Register.


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