The Chinese dragon uses Romanian vaccines

Gardenica Limited is an off shore company in Cyprus owned by China – CEE Fund II, an investment fund controlled by the Export-Import Bank of China.

In 2019, the Competition Council authorized the transaction of taking over Pasteur Filiala Filipeşti SRL and Farmavet SA by Gardenica Limited, as well as of some assets related to the feed production activity of Agrozootehnica Pietroiu SA.
Pasteur Filiala Filipeşti SRL and Farmavet SA were controlled by Sorin Paul Stănescu, who became the godfather of Ştefan Valentin Dragnea in 2018, the son of the former head of the Social Democratic Party, Liviu Dragnea.
Pasteur Filiala Filipeşti SRL produces basic veterinary pharmaceutical products and Farmavet is specialized in the sale of biological products, medicines, disinfectants, rodenticides, chemical reagents, sanitary protection equipment etc. Agrozootehnica Pietroiu SA deals with agriculture, especially the cultivation of cereals.

The Feed Production Activity to be transferred consists of properties and other fixed assets, intellectual property rights, and other assets owned by Agrozootehnica Pietroiu SA, used in the manufacture and sale of feed and feed additives.

The current shareholding structure of the Chinese-owned companies is the following: Farmavet SA – GARDENICA LIMITED (79.7376%), A&S INTERNATIONAL 2000 SRL (14.0713%) and other minor shareholders; Pasteur Filiala Filipești SA – GARDENICA LIMITED (84.9995%) and Stănescu Doina Mariana (15.0005%).

A&S International 2000 SRL is a company founded in 1994 by Sorin Paul Stănescu when he was just a veterinarian. In time, he took over the state assets of Farmavet and Pasteur, which are owned now by the Chinese.

In 1998, Stănescu took over Farmavet, the distribution network of veterinary products brought from abroad by the Romanian businessman and products made in Bucharest or in Filipești, in Prahova County, by the Pasteur Institute.

In 2000, the Pasteur Institute was taken over by Stănescu, with a 19 hectare real estate for which the Institute did not have the right of ownership. However, the former mayor of 6th District in Bucharest appropriated land to the company, and the land was immediately sold for almost € 5 million, 15 times more than the amount collected by the state from A&S International 2000.

Sorin Paul Stănescu (married to Doina Mariana Stănescu) is the most important businessman in the veterinary field and a close friend of the former Social Democrat Party leader, Liviu Dragnea (currently in jail for abuse of power).

Sorin Paul Stanescu, the godfather of Valentin Stefan Dragnea (in front of him, right side of the picture), the son of Liviu Dragnea (left), former PSD leader and speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, now in jail for abuse of power. Source:

The two allegedly have met 20 years ago during Dragnea’s mandate as Prefect of Teleorman County and they used to go hunting and partying together.

In addition to these businesses, Stănescu also owns cereal, livestock and fish farms through the companies Agroholding Borcea, Agrozootehnica Pietroiu, A&S Silozuri, Fish Phoenix.

Gardenica Limited is part of the China CEE Group and is wholly owned by China Central and Eastern Europe Investment Co-operation Fund II SCS SICAV-SIF8, an investment fund. The main object of activity of the Gardenica consists in investment activities.

The China CEE Funds I and II are investment funds, controlled by the Export-Import Bank of China (“China Exim Bank”).

The China CEE Fund I is operating on the Romanian market through Flash Lighting Services S.A., a company acquired in 2018. The main object of activity of the company consists in electrical installation works. It carries out activities such as the design and implementation of energy efficient lighting solutions in Romania.

The China CEE Fund II has acquired direct control over Bristol Logistics S.A. and certain assets of the Brise Group. The main object of activity Bristol Logistics is warehousing.

The shareholders of Flash Lighting Services SA and Bristol Logistics SA also include offshore companies from Cyprus, namely FROZARIA LIMITED and RISHIMA LIMITED, respectively, but controlled by the Chinese.


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