Not so bright solar parks

Two Chinese men established a small group of companies operating in the field of renewable energy in Romania. Zhang Chi owns Enertech Sun SRL, while Gao Jianjun – Euroasia Sun SRL. Most often operating together, the two own a few other companies activating in the field of solar energy: Kentax Energy SRL, Reinvest Urziceni SRL, RC Development DVA RO SRL, Nord Solar Doba SRL, Ligovig Sun SRL. The first three manage photovoltaic parks in Bobicești, Olt, and the last two – in Satu Mare county (Doba and Acaș).

One of the solar parks built by Electromen, a company that works with Enertech Sun SRL group of companies on a regular basis. Source:

In 2018, the last financial year made public by the Ministry of Finance, the revenue cashed in by each of these five companies varies between 1,6 (300.000 euros) and 5,1 million euros (1,1 million euros) and all have losses. However, in 2019, Enertech Sun SRL had revenues of 6,3 million lei (1,4 million euros) and a net profit of 3,7 million lei (800.000 euros), with four employees. The Euroasia Sun SRL partnership gained revenues of less than 160.000 lei in 2018 (35.000 euros) and losses of almost 130.000 lei (less than 30.000 euros).


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