How to be your own doctor, China style

Bulgarian employees of the Chinese New Era Health Industry Group. Source:

China State Corporation New Era Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. is developing in Bulgaria its international program for the restoration of health “Doctor to Yourself”.

The Chinese company has registered Bulgarian company New Era Bulgaria, as well as several other companies containing “New Era” in the name. The sole owner of all the companies is Yao Zheng from China and the managing director is the Bulgarian Stoil Palhutev. They have invested around EUR 10 million, according to unofficial information.

The companies are involved in the distribution of food supplements, books, print and wholesale publications, beauty treatments, catering, catering, cooking and delivery of food to establishments and homes, training, setting up childcare centres, physical training, construction and investment activities, trade, mediation and consultancy in the field of healthy lifestyle, as well as all other activities not prohibited by law in Bulgaria.

None of the companies related to the New Era Health Industry have ever sent any financial reports to the Trade Register.


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