EUR 1 billion for one new nuclear power plant

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is one of the companies that applied to participate in the selection procedure for a strategic investor for Belene NPP in August 2019. The planned investments are about EUR 1 billion.

The Memorandum of Understanding concluded on 6 July 2018 between the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy and the Chinese National Energy Administration provides the basis for bilateral cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

All five companies that were invited to confirm their intention to submit binding tenders to participate in the completion of the Belene NPP have done so, the Energy Ministry announced in August 2019, when the second phase of the procedure expired. These include Russia’s Rosatom, through its subsidiary Atomenergoprom, China’s National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), Korea’s Hydro and Atomic Corporation as well as France’s Framatome and General Electric.

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is mainly engaged in research and development, construction, production, and operation in the fields of nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear applications, environmental protection, and nuclear engineering, as well as international cooperation, imports and exports. CNNC is anticipated to have 21 units in operation and 6 units under construction by the end of 2019, which have generated 121.1 billion kilowatt-hours in 2018 with paramount operating performance.

The five shortlisted companies have confirmed their willingness to submit binding offers for Belene NPP, the Ministry of Energy announced in January 2020.

Bulgarian Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova and Xie Jiajie, president of CNNC. Source:

The announcement says that, as the strategic investor selection process for Belene NPP implementation envisages, the Ministry of Energy has sent letters to shortlisted companies to confirm the submission of binding offers and more, further participation in the procedure. The shortlisted companies are China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), Atomenergoprom AD, part of Rosatom, Korea Hydro-Nuclear Corporation, Framatom SAS, France, and General Electric, USA.

By January 31, all five companies had received confirmation letters for binding tenders. The Korean Hydro-Nuclear Corporation has been asked some clarifying questions to make a final decision on their part.

The companies will be invited to sign a confidentiality agreement and will be provided with the information memorandum, as well as they will be given access to an information room at National Electric Company EAD containing information on the project. The indicative deadline for submission of the binding offer is expected to be May 31, 2020, the notice said.


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