CRRC, a streetcar named tender desire

CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd., established in 1900, is a subsidiary wholly owned by the state-owned China South Locomotive and Industry Rolling Stock Corporation. Currently, the Chinese company has several objects of activity, namely the manufacture and refurbishment of high quality passenger cars; reconditioning, assembly and reconstruction of railway transit equipment, such as various types of locomotives, passenger cars, express transit vehicles, etc.; manufacture of road rail vehicles and various types of special railway vehicles; manufacture of accessories for railway locomotives and coaches; technical service for locomotives and rolling stock; export and import and other business.

In 2010, CRRC Sifang developed its own high-speed electric train known as CRH 380A. In 2017, the first batch of Fuxing high-speed trains, which can travel at speeds of up to 350 km per hour, began to run between Beijing and Shanghai. CRRC Sifang played a key role in the design and manufacture of these trains.

CRRC’s CRH train. Source:

In 2019, CRRC Sifang has partnered with Astra Vagoane Călători (Astra Passenger Cars) to register for the largest tram tender in Romania, organized by Bucharest City Hall, worth € 180 million for 100 trams. At the expiration of the deadline for submission of tender offers, only two operators remained in competition, namely Astra Vagoane Călători and Durmazlar Makine San Ve Tic AS from Turkey, although 20 companies registered for the tendering procedure. Several companies have filed appeals, which means that things are still delayed.

Also last year, Astra Vagoane Călători and CRRC Sifang Co. Ltd were awarded the contract worth 4.5 billion lei for the purchase of 80 RE-R regional electric trains during a tender organised by the Railway Reform Authority. Three financial proposals were submitted to that tender: Alstom Ferroviaria SpA – Alstom Transport SA Association, CRRC Qingdao Sifang – Astra Vagoane Călători and Siemens Mobility Association. The best offer was considered that of the Chinese. However, Alstom and Siemens have challenged the decision and ARF is obliged to re-evaluate the Chinese offer. So even in this case things stagnate, the procedures being extended and the outcome delayed.


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