China Huadian Engineering, a decade for nothing

China Huadian Engineering Co. Ltd was established in 1987 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Huadian Corporation Ltd (Huadian Group), one of the five largest state-owned power generation enterprises in China, administrated by SASAC for the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. The group deals with the production and supply of electricity and heat and the development of power-related primary energy.

Since 2011, when the representatives of China Huadian Engineering met with the Romanian Minister of Economy, the Chinese company showed interest in investing in objectives in the mining industry and coal-based energy production.

In 2012, the Negotiating Commission for the Project “Construction of a new energetic group of 500 MW at Rovinari thermal power plant” selected the bid made by China Huadian Engineering Co. Ltd. A Memorandum of Understanding was to be negotiated and signed and a new feasibility study to be drawn up, the IPP joint venture to be registered and the necessary authorizations, approvals and certificates for the effective start of construction of the new plant to be obtained.

The Rovinari thermal power plant, a communist giant which nobody knows what to do with. Source:

To carry out this project, CE Oltenia and Huadian Engineering discussed the establishment of the joint venture Huadian Oltenia Energy SA. But then nothing happened and the negotiations were blocked for a long time as a result of the Chinese request to be granted a state guarantee and to bring coal from elsewhere.

Only last year things started to move a bit when the representatives of CE Oltenia and the Ministry of Energy met with the delegation of China Huadian Engineering Co. Ltd. Following the discussions, concrete proposals were advanced for the settlement of the remaining divergent clauses, and a new meeting would take place for the settlement of the disagreed clauses in the Coal Supply Contract and in the Surface Contract. After preparing the documents, the implementing company will be able to be registered and the € 1 billion project would started.


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