A Thunder on the Bulgarian software market

In March 2018, the Chinese company Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd made a public announcement stating that it had completed the acquisition of Bulgarian leading graphics and imaging technology company MM Solutions. The main goal of the acquisition was for ThunderSoft to integrate the technologies of MM Solutions into its own platforms and further enhance its intelligent vision solutions.

Based on the data provided by the Chinese embassy in Sofia, the investment amount planned following the acquisition is USD 37 million.

MM Solutions is one of the biggest mobile and industrial graphics and imaging technology companies. Since its inception in 2001, it has been dedicated to providing one-stop solutions for high-end graphics and imaging products. It has accumulated over 16 years of experience and expertise in the development and commercial application of optics, image processing, vision algorithm and other areas due to its superb team of R&D scientists and technology experts. It has deep strategic cooperation with companies like Qualcomm and Texas Instruments and a deep understanding of imaging systems, optical design, image processing and systems and architecture of vision programs, leading the world in imaging technology and AI algorithm development, optimization, and integration.

MM Solutions headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. Source: Facebook/MM Solutions

Headquartered in Beijing and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, ThunderSoft is a world leading provider of intelligent platform technology and solutions. The company’s global engineering team has built a deep understanding and expertise of hardware and software, with a focus on automotive, mobile, and IoT. ThunderSoft has developed strong partnerships with the leading technology companies including semiconductor, components, terminals, software and Internet vendors, and mobile carriers, giving the OEM/ODMs vertical integration and aiming to build innovative and high-quality intelligent devices that can be launched into the market with short development time. ThunderSoft has 20 R&D centers and offices in China, the US, Japan, Korea, Finland, Bulgaria, India and Malaysia.


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