Political Anti-Western actions in Romania, carried out at governmental level

The rift between politicians in favor of Western values and those having an obvious anti-Western speech couldn’t be more visible in Romania nowadays. It is enough to just list some of the statements that politicians made recently.

In July, for example, for the former PM Adrian Năstase, Kovesi’s only bet was political: to obey “the Americans”. However, Năstase wrote, Kovesi was about to find out that “the Americans don’t have any former friends, just current friends”.

The Senate speaker, Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, spotted a conspiracy: Kovesi’s role was to transform Romania in one of the most corrupt countries in Europe and, so, to produce a huge disservice to the nation.

When it comes to the EU – Romania relationship, it doesn’t seem like the Romanian politicians in power could feel more uncomfortable as a result of the unbearable tasks to be carried out at EU’s request. Codrin Ștefănescu, secretary general of PSD, for sure does not stand the Venice Commission and claimed that its role is only to make suggestions, not to urge, hence the judiciary law changes would go all the way.

Eugen Nicolicea, social-democrat MP, a diehard of changing the judiciary laws, blasted down the Venice Commission preliminary report and shown his strong support for his party philosophy on altering the judiciary laws.

Florin Iordache, former minister of Justice and current social-democrat MP in charge of the judiciary laws amending process, understated the Venice Commission preliminary report by claiming that its members simply hadn’t read the final version of the amendments and were not updated with the latest Romanian Constitutional Court decisions.

Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, Senate speaker, had his part in smashing the Venice Commission by claiming that its report was politically manipulated, shouldn’t have been made public and, nevertheless, complaining of their superficiality.

Surprisingly enough, a particular MEP backed some of “Sputnik” propaganda regarding the swine fever: Romanian Daniel Buda supported the epidemic being “imported” scenario and bluntly claimed that the next phase is bringing to Romania – from EU – huge quantities of pork injected with hormones.

Adrian Severin, former MEP, convicted for fraud, expressed his belief that protests were conducted by Western forces interested in an unstructured Romania.

A quite similar opinion is shared with the world by a MEP in office, Norica Nicolai.

Gelu Vișan, a politician displaying an obvious anti-judiciary agenda, believes the protests were only the visible part of the efforts to tear Romania apart. More than that, Vișan claimed, president Iohannis “the Nazi” should be in court for high treason.

Eugen Teodorovici, minister of Finance (praised just a few weeks before by “Sputnik” for scolding US ambassador to Romania, Hans Klemm), stated (for “Antena 3”) that protesters could have been brought in Victoria Square by multinational companies with Romanian subsidiaries.

An event, however, provided the ultimate proof that, now, the ruling politicians in Romania do not feel Western at all, especially when confronted by the people. That event was the massive rally that took place in front of the Gov building on August 10th. Although the vast majority of the crowd consisted of calm people, the Gendarmerie forces chose to attack, use tear gas and brute force. As it was later revealed, the order to attack was political. And it kept going like that: when the ruling party faced penal investigations, it chose again to respond in style. Russian style: the protesters were manipulated by evil foreign forces, paid by multinational companies aiming to steal Romanian natural resources etc. The most astonishing disclosure in this context was that made by the PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea: four men attempted to murder him (!) and Soros was no stranger to that (!). All this propaganda was exported to Brussels wrapped in a letter signed by PM Dancila (though, Dragnea’s murder attempt was left aside).

In order to support the anti-Romanian war carried out by foreign evil forces, the social-democrat propaganda messengers (former Army and secret service officers) suggested that president Iohannis is a German secret agent, (the PM economic counselor, Darius Vâlcov) “revealed” that natural resources were sold 2 billion USD cheaper than they should have (because of not updating the royalties level) and (a social-democrat MP, Liviu Pop) depicted the US and some EU countries as cockroaches feeding on Romania’s natural resources.

Unbelievably, but the position held by Darius Vâlcov (economical counselor of PM Dăncilă and, in many situations, the one that practically acts as PM at Gov meetings) didn’t stop him to post on Facebook a video depicting president Iohannis as Hitler and the “hashtag” symbol of the “Rezist” civic movement transformed in a swastika. Previously, social-democrat MP and former minister of Education Liviu Pop said that Iohannis “ruled a Nazi organization” (that being the The Democratic Forum of the Germans living in Romania) and Lia Olguța Vasilescu, minister of Labor in office said that Iohannis must be very brave since, as a German, he speaks about (Gendarmerie agents) spraying tear gas towards people.

September was the month to strengthen the anti-EU and anti-US general attitude of the coalition in power. Darius Vâlcov, the economic counselor of PM Dăncilă, kept on depicting president Iohannis as Hitler, which was no surprise given his social-democrats colleagues history of similar “jokes”.

More serious than that, though, was that a once trustworthy and reliable civic activist of APADOR CH and Open Society, Renate Weber, now a MEP (and member of the Senate speaker party, component of the ruling coalition in Romania), thinks that the strategic Romania – US partnership is about Romania buying loads of weapons from the US for no other use than to infuriate Russia and transforming it into a real enemy.

September was a very busy month for MEP’s Renate Weber and Norica Nicolai (both members of Tăriceanu’s party). Whereas Nicolai was a proud member of the social-liberal union (USL, that made Victor Ponta PM in office) and politically supported the judiciary legislation amending in order to weaken the rule of law, Weber is rather surprisingly a member of the anti-anti-corruption chorus given that, in the past, Renate Weber used to be heading APADOR-CH and the Foundation for an Open Society.

However, these days, things seem to have changed a lot: in an interview, Renate Weber says that Romania and US are partners only in the sense that Romania purchase weapons from the US and those weapons are supposed to protect Romania from Russia after Russia has already been pissed off by that purchase.

It was Nicolai’s turn to be quoted in media when saying that the EU use a double standard in relation to Hungary and, in general, to all Eastern European countries – which, allegedly, are more easily punished than the others, after the Union activated Article 7. But that was no surprise: both Nicolai and Weber voted in favor of Viktor Orban in the EP. Later that month, Nicolai and Weber sent a letter to the EU leaders asking them to debate on the “secret protocols” concluded in Romania between the internal secret services and institutions of the judiciary, protocols thought by those two MEPs to be the real problem of Justice in Romania.

One of the ministries of the Romanian Gov take care of the Romanians abroad. That ministry is called “for the Romanians living everywhere” (MRP). MRP financed a website (usd24.ro) that republished all content published by “Sputnik”.

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